Work-Life Balance and Boundaries

It’s summer and being from Saskatchewan we love us some Roughrider football.

It’s exciting to be a Rider fan, you get caught up in all the fan-fare, the cheering, the beering, the buzz, Rider Pride and Gainer the Gopher.

Yes, Gainer the Gopher, an energetic and enthusiastic rodent who is truly one of a kind. So much so that his name is an anagram. Mix around the letters in Regina and what do you get? Gainer!

At a Rider game there is a “sea of green”. Fans wearing green jerseys, bunny hugs (that’s Saskatchewan speak for “hoodies”), socks, t-shirts, scarves, toques and yes, even watermelon helmets!

Saskatchewan Roughrider fans even have a song:

Green is the colour 

Football is the Game 

We’re all together 

and Winning is our aim  

So Cheer us on through the sun and rain 

Saskatchewan Roughriders is our name

There are more verses but I thought I’d stop there 😉 Though if you are a Roughrider fan you’ll have this song stuck in your head for the rest of your day. You’re welcome.

So what does the Saskatchewan Roughriders and work, life, balance and boundaries have in common? If you played your life like a football game, you would have rules that state a starting point, a period of playing time, rest periods, time outs, delays of game, fouls, interference, out of bounds guidelines and much more. 

So why not live your life like a football game?  Establish a set of life rules or personal values and goals and play as if you were starting at the 50 yard line.  There will be times when you are tackled trying to get to the goal line but like a football player you just get up and get in line again.

Think of each 5 yard line as a desire like saving for a new set of luggage then strive to get to that line and then keep moving towards the goal line.  The next line might be to book that vacation. The goal line is getting closer, vacation here I come! Strive for progress versus perfection. Small, actionable chunks will make it easier to achieve the end goal.

At some point you might be asked to work overtime.  This is like stepping over the side line on the football field and you go out of bounds.  That’s life and that’s ok every now and then.  Just remember to place yourself back on the field inside the boundaries. There are boundaries for a reason.

Football players need to stay positive and motivated to win the game.  Players rely on their coaches and teammates and they believe they will win!  They are motivated and energetic and can engage the crowd and block out the noise.  So, like a football player you need to believe in your goal, become resilient and productive, stay positive, recognize you’re part of a team and don’t let the distractions get in your way. 

Work-Life Balance and Boundaries, when achieved, is like winning a football game.  Play by your rules; know your boundaries; look towards the goal line; remain in the game; cherish your cheerleaders and celebrate your “touchdown” however big or small.

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Tina Varughese