Are issues like these causing stress, fear, confusion, inefficiency, insomnia and productivity in the work from home space?

  • I am lacking focus and motivation while working? How can I make my day more productive, efficient and even energizing?
  • Fear, ambiguity and negative thoughts continually creep into my head. I feel deflated, angry and immense sadness. When should I be concerned if I’m situationally depressed, anxious or both? What can I do to protect the mental health of myself and my family?
  • I do not know how to effectively connect with clients in a virtual environment? Can I still build trust, authenticity and continue to strengthen relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and team members or is everything on hold?
  • Covid-19 feels like a living nightmare. How can I become purposeful, passionate, mindful and meaningful controlling what I can for a stronger and more resilient outcome for all

Why this topic?

With the sudden onset of Covid-19, organizations were forced to pivot, adapt and plunge into uncharted waters while facing overwhelming uncertainty. Despite title, rank or position we are all leaders at work and at home and have the capability to impact, influence and inspire others through intentional actions. Virtual leadership begins with effective communication, collaboration, empathy and understanding. With employees becoming increasingly demotivated and disengaged coupled with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction on the rise be-cause of the pandemic situation, it is imperative to lead with compassion, transparency, integrity and most of all resiliency as we stand together apart.

This is a virtual interactive, ‘hands-on’ inspirational keynote utilizing Zoom where attendees will participate in live polling, group chats, slide shares including videos, morale-boosting activities and Q and A to promote social inclusivity, engagement and unity

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Standing Together Apart: How to create respectful, communicative, inclusive, collaborative virtual teams
  • Death by Virtual Meeting: Four key steps to inclusive and effective virtual meetings, virtual sales and virtual social inclusion
  • When Fear Takes Over: How to Actively Listen, Empathize and Empower Others’ Towards a Positive Paradigm
  • Immunizing our Mental Health
  • The Power of Surrendering to Circumstance: Why Letting Go Strengthens Resilience
  • The Transformative Power of Servitude: Why Serving Others Provides Purpose During Difficult Times