Are issues like these causing stress, conflict, confusion, time and money in the workplace?

  • Trevor is always on his iPhone? How does he get any work done!?
  • I wish Mei-Wen would contribute more in meetings. When I hired her she seemed so bright.
  • Jacqueline is so shy. How can she take on the role of VP of Marketing? Who would respect and listen to her?
  • George is always in my office. We have Outlook for a reason. He’s seriously wasting my time.

Why this topic?

Successful leaders understand today’s increasingly multigenerational, multicultural and multifaceted workforce brings both opportunities and challenges if not managed effectively. To create trust, collaboration and creative work environments, inclusive leaders need to effectively communicate, understand and listen to their fellow employees. Everybody wants to be seen, wants to be heard and wants to be acknowledged.

Learning how to communicate and cooperate in the workplace leads to a healthierhappiermotivating and inspiring workplace where everybody benefits.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Are you generationally ‘savvy’?
  • Does your leadership style reflect “gen zen”?
  • Play nice in the sandbox – team building through collaboration and understanding
  • Empowering introverts in the workplace
  • Individualistic and collectivist cultures: how values change the way we communicate
  • What time is it? The difference between monochromic and polychromic cultures and why it matters to the workplace