Why this topic?

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling of not quite belonging. Altering ourselves to fit a certain mold for
acceptance rather than being able to embrace our authenticity. When everyone is seen, heard,
acknowledged authentically, intentionally and consciously workplaces promote a sense of belonging
rather than a longing to belong. Is it easy? No. Can it be done? Yes- it’s a continuous journey- not a
destination. Ultimately, to belong means to be seen. If we cannot change the way we look, we need to
change the way we see.  

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Longing to Belong: Small Actions, Large Impact
  • Leading with Empathy- Encouraging and embracing courageous conversations at the workplace
  • Inclusive meetings: Strategies for healthy dialogue, discussion and debate
  • Gen Zen: Leadership Agility when working with a multi-generational workforce
  • The impact of purposeful and intentional vulnerability at the workplace