Work-Life Balance- Is it Achievable?

Work-life balance- is it achievable? Many men and women struggle to achieve work-life balance. Many believe the whole concept of work-life balance is actually a myth. Canadians are working more than ever and because of mobile technology never have the opportunity to ‘unplug’.  Statistically, only 23% of working Canadians are satisfied with their lives.  Many families are dual income earners with child-rearing duties being shouldered by both parents. However, statistically, women still shoulder most of the duties at home while earning a pay cheque outside of the home.  Many feel tired, anxious, stressed, fatigued and frustrated in their situations. Yet, when asked by friends, families and strangers the simple question, “how are you?” as Canadians we are programmed to say, “great!”, “fine” and “busy”. Busy is not a state of mind. Yet, when Canadians are struggling to get children off to soccer, dance, hockey, make lunches, make dinner, throw a load of laundry in, pay taxes, complete proposals, answer emails, wash dishes, feed Fido, mow the lawn, coach Little League, organize playdates, carpool with neighbours, bake muffins for school snack, attend meetings, take a spin class, get an oil change, trim bangs, hang pictures, check Facebook, pay bills, call Grandma, get groceries, feed the fish, plan a vacation, visit with the neighbours, freeze casseroles, attend funerals, finish Powerpoint presentations, change diapers, tweet compelling tweets, download compelling apps- well, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Some may say work-life balance is not achievable nor attainable nor have time to even think about it.

So how are you really doing? The Canadian Mental Health Association offers Canadians a work-life balance quiz- a mental check-in. It’s a good idea. We change our tires every season. We visit the dentist twice a year. We have our annual eye exam. We buy our children school supplies every September. Yet, we do not know how we are really doing.

Check-in sometimes- see how you are really doing. You’re worth the time and investment.

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