tWorks offers engaging keynotes, powerful seminars and entertaining lunch n’ learns in both cross-cultural communication and work-life balance. All seminars are customized and tailored for industry, audience and geographic region to meet the needs of the client.

Why Cultural Diversity Training?

Statistically, one-fifth of Canada’s population was born from outside of Canada- one of the fastest growing niche markets today. In urban centers, this statistic is much higher. For example, in Calgary, Alberta, over 25% of Calgary’s population was born outside of Canada and this number is on the rise. Cultural misperceptions are often at the root of misunderstandings in the workplace. By empowering employees to communicate more effectively both internally and externally employers maximize the value of customer relationships and build customer loyalty while minimizing the risk of conflict within the workplace. Popular t Works offerings include, “Cross Cultural Communication for Oil and Gas”, “Multicultural Marketing for Homebuilders…Makes Dollars and Sense!”, “Multicultural Tourism Marketing”, “Designing for a Diverse Market- Feng Shui 101”

Why Work-Life Balance?

By implementing proactive seminars and lunch n’ learns organizations can strengthen employee commitment and loyalty resulting in a supportive, healthy work environment for employees. To deliver work-life balance at the workplace t Works partners with health and wellness leaders to develop and deliver engaging content-rich seminars. tWorks work-life balance seminars are inspired by the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Tina Varughese, President of t Works, is a Campaign for Real Beauty Dove Model and truly believes in the messaging of the Dove Campaign- that beauty and balance reside within. Popular t Works offerings include, “Work-Life Balance-What it Really Means”, “Balance is for the Weak” and “Comfortable with Chaos”.