This is the type of session I have been seeking for some time. Our organization embraced an increasingly diverse workforce, but the appropriate tools, like this session, have not been offered. At the leadership level, there is an expectation that staff will challenge respectfully. Without understanding the cultural differences, organizations may not achieve excellence.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo


Just a quick note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and to participate in your sessions at CanSPEP 2015! You are an amazing presenter, very engaging and passionate and entertaining.

Sales Manager, Discover St. John


Your session was very engaging and funny and your style of presenting is open and welcoming and encourages people to want to have a balanced lifestyle. I am still laughing about your story about your Mother and the bacon and pancakes. I have told my colleagues that story here in Ottawa. They all had a chuckle!

KATHY MAGEE Volunteer Specialist, Parks and
Recreation, City of Ottawa