Thank you again for such an amazing day on Friday. Honestly, the positive comments haven’t stopped and everyone really enjoyed your sessions. You are so extremely talented and amazing at what you do. Thank you again for the honest messages and I learned so much! I hope you got some rest this weekend and I know our paths will cross again.

Have a great day,

Pauline Clark, Social Planner   Social Planning   City of Airdrie  E. P. 403.948.8800 ext 8743


As a Career Practitioner, I attended Tina Varughese’s 50 Shades of Beige Workshop in 2017. Tina provided practical tips for me to implement when I support students and our employers in intercultural settings. This is very much aligned to our Business School’s vision of developing global ready graduates, especially for those wanting a portable career. Tina is an expert in unlocking the potential in relationships and facilitates in a way that empowers, demonstrates respect and engages participants.

Sashie Steenstra
Corporate Relationship Manager
Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria


Within the first ten minutes I had learned something that would make my work productive and make it easier for others to relate to me. There is unbelievable scope to this seminar, it is a must see for anyone who is in the “people” business whether it’s real estate, healthcare, oil and gas, banking or city hall – it applies.

Director of Industry and Government Relations
Alberta Real Estate Association


You surpassed my expectations and, according to others, greatly surpassed theirs. All the staff that I spoke with said that they found this session to be enriching and of great value.

Director of Fund Development
Fresh Start Recovery


Anyone in the legal arena would benefit from this seminar. Tina created understanding in each topic through concrete examples. She was very engaging, energetic and has excellent presentation skills. Her seminar evaluations were through the roof- every participant gave her an “excellent” instructor rating and could “confidently” recommend her seminar!” I look forward to using her practical strategies and effective communication methods with my clients.

McDougall Gauley Barristers and Solicitors


Your session was the fuel I needed. I’ve been saying for at least a year now that I want to specialize in the “New to Canada” market. I had fear of not knowing enough or not saying the right things. Well that has changed! You’re a very good facilitator-you enunciate well and keep the group engaged by changing activities often. Thank-you Tina for a wonderful session!

Mortgage Planner
Mortgage Architects


Tina Varughese is a master at helping business people feel at ease and engaging in conversations about the cultural differences that we never talk about. In fact, she makes it fun. She’ll help improve employee retention, sales, service, marketing and corporate social media.

Unimark Creative


Your morning keynote ‘Communicate with the Cross-Cultural Advantage’ rated 4.8/5 as did the afternoon workshop, ‘Recruiting and Retaining Foreign Workers for Success and Sustainability’. This is excellent since the audience was quite a mix of people from the entire production chain. I had nothing but rave reviews and will be referring you to anyone looking for a speaker on cross-culture topics. It was informative AND fun…nice to have participants leave on a high note!

Conference Organizer
SK Pork Industry Symposium


I can’t say that I have ever enjoyed a speaker as much I enjoyed you. You are witty, charming, funny, and engaging. You have inspired me. Well done.

Director, Tourism Toronto


Tina is one of those rare finds – unique, refreshing, and has a positive high impact on those she works with. She knows just the right approach to fit the audience and is not afraid to push to get to the heart of the matter. She holds you accountable, makes you think at a deeper level and truly demonstrates how much she cares. We will rely on her again in the future, for sure.

Vice President
Streetside Developments
(A Qualico Company)